Feeling the need to snack between meals is a sign of being a sugar burner or alternatively not eating nourishing meals. In my experience, it’s actually a bit difficult to eat too frequently on a whole food based diet which is high in fat and moderate in proteins.

However, we all end up snacking for various reasons. You want it to be chewy and the snack helps take the edge off, a bit like nap.

Here are my go to snacks.

1. Macadamia Nuts: I am nuts over Macadamia nuts. Buttery and loaded with mono unsaturated fatty acids. Want to make a dessert out of them? Melt a bit of 70% or 85% dark chocolate, roll some macadamia nuts in them, put them in the fridge for a while and you enjoy a few bites of heaven.

Macadamia Nuts

2. Green & Blacks 85% : This one’s a winner. High quality stuff.  It’s 85% dark, organic and very smooth with Madagascar vanilla. Couple of squares are enough to take the edge of the sugar craving you may feel.

Green and Black 85%

3. Butter: Yes butter.  Especially Lewis Creamery Butter. It’s the tastiest and creamiest butter I have ever tasted and made from grass fed cows.  The only way to do justice to this butter is to eat it and not waste it in cooking. I can never have just one spoon of it.


4. Almond Brazil Butter: Occasionally I will indulge in a bite of Almond and Brazil nut butter. Watch out! It’s easy to over do them and they have quite a bit of unsaturated fat. So, I will have a spoon butter along with it to balance the fatty acid profile.

Almond Brazil Butter

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