Cellular Health

If we heal our cells, we heal ourselves. You & I are trillions of cells, all working together trying to be awesome. And then there is the control centre – our brain and neurons which will dictate the quality of your life and help you achieve your life’s dreams. And that is why, my bigger focus is on improving brain health, reducing inflammation and especially brain inflammation and improving health at cellular level. Proteins, fats and carbs of course still matter and so do micro nutrients but there is only so much you can fiddle around with that stuff. You really can’t have a beautiful thriving brain in a body that’s falling apart. And it’s also not a guarantee that a drop dead perfect brain resides in a well sculpted body, the one we see on cover of health magazines. Or as Dr Daniel Amen, 9 times New York time bestseller author and a brain expert explained – He sees most beautiful brains in people who are active and workout a few times a week but not excessively or heavy workout every single day. Overdoing in the gym may make you look good naked but it leads to inflammation and elevated stress levels. So not ideal for your brain or anti-ageing efforts. I often find myself walking this tight rope between increasing my strength as much as I can and yet I don’t want to it to interfere it with my anti-ageing and keeping inflammation at as low levels as I can. Of course it all depends on what’s your priority. Muscles and strength above everything on one hand vs caloric restriction to achieve anti-ageing on the other? My top priority is to have energy to go after all of my life’s dreams and never not be able to achieve them for lack of it. Secondly avoid the big chronic diseases plaguing our modern culture for as long as possible. An ideal scenario in this regard would be that up until the day I died I wasn’t suffering from a chronic and degenerative disease like MS, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes or cardio vascular issues. So if I could, I want to spend a total of 60 minutes for the rest of my life in hospital on account of my health.

The master plan has below 4 as major components:

  1. An elastic-plastic brain – A thriving brain that’s willing to unlearn and learn new things.
  2. Extremely low inflammation levels – So that I am not besieged by chronic or auto immune diseases or worse auto immune diseases that are neurological like MS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia.
  3. High blood sugar control or insulin sensitivity – Insulin is the hormone general which keeps all other hormones in check. If your food and lifestyle keeps you Insulin sensitive, you are doing a pretty good job.
  4. A lean and strong body – I don’t need to be the most buffed up guy in the room but neither do I want unwanted fat.

This is where ensuring cellular health comes in to address these cross cutting concerns. A bit more complicated than just working on your biceps.

And healthy cellular membranes underlies cellular health. Imagine your cells are like a football or a child’s plastic ball and membrane is the thick shell or thin skin of this ball. Now some problems are obvious if there were to be holes in this skin. It’s actually far more complex than that. You don’t really end up with holes but you could end up with an unstable membrane. Fats are an essential ingredient needed to build the cellular membranes. If the fats you eat are unstable so will be the cellular membranes. For example, if you have lived on a diet of vegetable oils and margarines which are primarily unstable PUFA (poly unsaturated fatty acids). Compare this with MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid) or Saturated Fat found in avocado, olive oil, butter, coconut oil or meat of ruminants like goat and lamb, which tend to be stable fats especially the Saturated Fat. It takes nearly 4 years for the cellular membranes to recycle themselves. High quality undamaged fats are one of the big focus of my diet and have been for last 2 years. What this means is that I am nearly half way through fixing my cells and results have been palpable and very pleasing – whether its resilience or getting stronger.

But the job is only half done as of now and a nutrition Ninja has more than one weapon they can wield.

Calcium 2 AEP aka Vitamin M1

Enters Ca-2AEP also known as Vitamin M1. Calcium 2-Amino Ethyl Phosphoric Acid. Ca-AEP is a vital component in the cell membrane.

Consider some of its functions:

  1. Cell sealer and protector – Ca-AEP decreases water solubility and seals the membrane pores, decreasing the permeability of the outer cell membrane by foreign substances. This protects the cell from invasion by toxins, bacteria, viruses etc.
  2. Nutrient carrier – A cell has nutrient carriers in the membranes. We eat fat, proteins and carbs which are broken down into fatty acids, amino acids and glucose. Ca-AEP helps with the absorption of these and vitamins through the ‘active transport pores’ of cell membranes.
  3. Maintains cell electrical charge – Ca-AEP maintains and repairs cellular neurotransmission.Restoring levels of Ca-AEP in the cellular membranes improves membrane integrity.

If you are still not impressed, consider diseases involving disturbance of cell membranes

  1. Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Inflammatory disorders like arthritis
  3. Diabetes and diabetic complications like diabetic neuropathy
  4. Osteoporosis (brittle bones)
  5. Lung diseases like Asthma


It’s a bit hard to join the dots between healthy cellular membrane and treating diabetes. How can Ca-AEP possibly help with Diabetes?

Consider this. Sometimes it’s not a problem of reduced insulin production but rather cells becoming insulin resistance or inability to transport glucose into cells (look at the point number 2. Nutrient carrier above). So when you eat excess carbohydrates, you have excess blood sugar in the blood which is not getting clear fast enough. The solution is not to not eat enough, you could end up with low blood sugar. By fixing the cell membranes and glucose transport by extension, this problem goes away.

Elevated glucose and insulin levels create other complications as well. For example, they damage numerous body structures like protein, red blood haemoglobin. This incrementally damages major body system and causes degenerative diseases. Ca-AEP seals the cell membrane that prevents toxic glucose metabolites from entering and damaging the cells.

Ca-2AEP Supplementation

First when I found out about Ca-2AEP I wondered why I can’t seem to find it in health stores especially given its importance. Folks working over at the health store didn’t seem to know as well. And that’s because it’s available as a Cell Repair supplement.

Cell Repair

Here is what Ca-2AEP that I have ordered from New Zealand Longevity Foundation has to say:


CA-2AEP also known as the Vitamin M1 or membrane integrity factor, performs this function in every cell of the human body tissue by restoring/maintaining the electric voltage potential in the cytoplasm of the membrane. This will deny entry to unwanted cells invaders…..”


1. Fix your cells by fixing the cellular membranes.

2. Undamaged and stable fats will lead to stable cellular membranes.

3. Supplement intermittently with Ca-2AEP.

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